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Academic Advisor

Academic Experts
Prof. Venkatesh Babu.B.R.
BGS Institute of Management Studies

Prof. Venkatesh Babu is a highly-skilled, talented and qualified Academician with more than 12+ years of experience in Industry and Academia. He hold a doctorate in Management and is a Google Certified specialist in Digital Marketing.

Academic Experts
Prof. V. Pushpa Shetty
Advisor | Guest Speaker | Career Consultant

Prof. V. Pushpa Shetty has over 3 decades of experience in both Industry and Academics in diverse areas of Strategic Planning, Operations, PR & Corporate Communications. A passionate educationist, with a long association in management education and rich experience in institution building.

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Learn about the key skills that employers are looking for in each job category.

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Create a holistic profile, showcasing your academic achievements, skillsets and co-curricular experiences to the industry.

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Find out whether you have these skills and identify potential gaps.

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Get detailed information on new-age careers, job profiles, skillset requirements, career progressions and more.

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